Remove Candle Wax from Fabric or Carpet

You may think that candle wax ruins fabric or carpet, but here's how to remove it.

All it takes is a hot iron, a brown paper grocery bad, and possibly some dish soap, stain remover, and bleach.  (Some candles are more highly pigmented than others and can stain the fabric, which requires a few more steps.)

I dipped this white wash cloth in candle wax to demonstrate.

Place a piece of brown paper bag on the ironing board and set the wash cloth on top.  Then top the wax with more of the paper and iron over the top of it.

Replace the paper each time wax is transferred to it.  Continue in this manner until the wax is completely absorbed.

In this demonstration, I found that the wax left a light pink stain, so I wet the wash cloth and scrubbed it with dish soap.

 That removed a lot of the stain, but not all of it, so I ran it through the laundry with hot water and bleach...

And... it worked!

The candle wax I used for this demonstration had a lot of pigmentation, so it definitely took more work to remove the stain, but in the end, the extra effort was worth it.

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